We Provide Comfortable Facilities and State-of-the-Art Technology for All Your Deposition and Discovery Needs

Technology has made mobile video conferencing and in-house video conferencing very easy. Anywhere in the world may be connected via our mobile video conferencing software, using your PC with a camera for any amount of participants. We have connected witnesses into trial, for job interviews in Dubai, Australia, depositions in the office with an attorney in Los Angeles, witness in China and an interpreter and lawyer in Sacramento, just to name a few, with all participants on your screen as the live feed is streamed to you.

Stay in town and cut your discovery costs by using this technology.

See the images below for a quick view of our modern in-house conference rooms and amenities. Schedule a deposition or transcript service online 24-hours a day.

Not only do we offer amenities in our office but we also make it easy for you to find the resources you need within Sacramento.